Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March Goals

Happy March y'all!

So how did February go? Let's see...

1. Continue to work out 5x's a week 
Yes! I think I can move this off my goals since it is now more of a routine. I am still loving my 6am megaformer pilates class that I go to three times a week. And the classes at the Y are so much fun! Since they are later in the morning there is much more of a social aspect - so fun to work out with friends!

2. Volunteer with the boys

 We did this and it was so much fun. Read my post about it here

3. Blog 2x/s a week

4. Answer my phone
In order to help me achieve this goal Kevin bought my an iWatch. When those watches first came out I thought they were crazy - who needs to be THAT connected. But y'all, I love it. I am notorious for having my phone on silent so I tend to miss texts/calls. It's been a problem when I go out without Kevin and he can't get a hold of me. Last time he had to text Nat to get in touch with me. Oye. Anyhow, the watch has been awesome.  As far as texting - I am still working on my response time - I tend to read text and think about how I am going to respond, but then get sidetracked and forget about it.  Or just respond in my head and not actually send. Oops!

5. Read two new books
This did not happen. I am not sure why I thought I would get some reading in on the airplane and beach...ha! Every night its a struggle between TV and a book...especially since I like to be in bed before 10pm if I am working out in the morning. And obviously, the TV tends to win. Darn you Bachelor!

1. Laundry Room Makeover
I know our laundry room has so much more potential. Functionally and ascetically. The first issue is the door. When we were building the house it was planned to be a pocket door. And clearly that was for a reason. Somewhere along the lines I decided I wasn't in to pocket doors and didn't want one there. Now I wish I could go back and erase that mistake. Oops. However, on the bright side...now we get to add a super trendy sliding door.

 Once we get the door installed I want to tackle the actual little room. Would love to do the following:
- Add backsplash behind laundry machines as well as sink area (not sure why we didn't do that originally)
- Add a clothes hanging rod
- Finish out cabinetry on other side of laundry machines

It's kind of a big project so I think we might do a little outsourcing...but we are tackling the sliding door ourselves!

2. Clean out Kids Closets
This is a never ending project - but I need to get in there and clean some clothes out! Hayden's closet it the hardest for me. Every time I go through her teeny tiny baby clothes I just want to save them all...

3. Power Wash outside
Like how I snuck another 'Kevin' project in here. Well, we have been talking about this so it's been on his radar for a while. And we actually own a power washer (well, 1/3 of one...weird story) so we need to get on it!

4. Resurrect the herb garden
Our poor garden has been neglected since the first year.  Kevin build such and awesome raised bed, I love having fresh herbs, and the kids love tending to it so there really is no reason why we shouldn't  be using this!

5. Read two new books
Seriously! I just started a book that my mother-in-law gave me so hopefully I can finish quickly and get a few more in. Good thing the Bachelor is almost over :)

And now to end things how about this silly girl...

Ryan's teacher gives the kids candy every Friday, and this little lady knows where that candy jar is. Last Friday she seriously tried to leave with the whole jar! Little girl is serious about her suckers!

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