Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hayden - Baby Playgroup

Hayden is now at the age where it is miserable to run errands with her. She no longer will sit in a cart patiently. She wants to walk her self...and at her own pace, which is running around playing "try and catch me". Doesn't that sound fun? Anyhow, it's a great opportunity to start a playgroup. This girl loves to play with her brothers and all their friends BUT she doesn't have any little friends just for herself. That's probably pretty normal for a 3rd child but since we have some time (while the boys are at school) I wanted to make an effort to start a little playgroup for her.

To make things easy I just emailed all the mommies of the toddlers in the same moppets room that Hayden is in. There is about 10 different kiddos and magically we were able to find a time that generally worked for us! Woot woot!

The weather was perfect yesterday and it was so much fun to play outside in our backyard. The kids all had so much fun. This age is so darn cute to watch. They love exploring and are so expressive - whether it be happiness....or frustration/anger...but mostly happy! It's crazy how this use to be my life - one toddler at playgroup. Ahhhh how relaxing :) lol! Although they do require a lot more parental least in our backyard with the high tree house and roller coasters (that we had a few close calls with). In the end it was a success and the kiddos all were happy and tired.
It's kinda crazy how most of them are girls - only one little boy! I am so use to the opposite! Lucky little man :) lol

Hayden did get a little stingy when Madeline wanted to play with her stroller...there were a few tears but hey, thats being one!

Nothing a little blueberry muffin can't fix.
fun kiddos and fun mamas!

Later that evening we headed over to my friends house for a little happy hour - for the kids and mamas! The littles sat to eat while the bigs ran crazy. 

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