Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

We started our Halloween evening out at our friends house celebrating Hayes 3rd birthday!

Afterwards we headed home and got changed into our 'official' costumes. 

 The kids were always going as dinosaurs - Kevin and I weren't really sure what we were going to wear. We had thought about being paleontologist and I went shopping for gear...then a quick Pinterest search and I found this idea:
Since we pretty much had most of this stuff it was super easy!

My parents dressed as pirates! The kids loved this!


Her first 'trick or treat'. She wasn't quite sure what was happening...but when she realized she was getting candy she thought it was all groovy. 

Me and my sweet little dinosaur baby!

We made it down to the Hales house and hung out for a while. We had such a fun time this year. Ryan was really into the whole thing and would run from house to house. He was so fast that I even lost track of him a couple times. He was so excited! The decorations didn't really scare him- even the chainsaw murder scene down the street! The only one he was a little skeptical of was this creepy clown circus set up...which I was a little scared of myself. Grayson on the other hand wasn't much into all the scary stuff. He made sure that an adult was with him at all times. 

So happy with all of their loot! And yes, they kicked Hayden out. 

On the way back home we passed a house that was playing Star Wars on a screen in front of their house. Ryan was in a trance...and I am pretty sure he would have stayed and watched the entire thing if we hadn't made him keep moving.  
Once we made it home we set up camp on the driveway and handed out candy. I feel like the boys may have enjoyed this more than actually trick-or-treating! They were so excited to give everyone candy...they would run down to the end of the driveway or to our neighbors house to find trick-or-treaters and yell "Hey, come to our house - we have lots of candy!". They were so into the whole thing that I am pretty sure they would have given away their candy if we had stayed out any longer! 

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