Sunday, October 4, 2015

Soccer Season

Introducing the LittleR Rascals....
Basically all the siblings to Ryan's team (The Little Rascals) started their own team. After being dragged around to all of their older siblings games and practices they finally get their chance to shine! Woot woot!

So proud to be all dressed up for his first game!

He loved it! (Sadly he hasn't shown this much enthusiasm for a game since...hoping he perks back up)

First week was a buy week for this man - he loved watching little G play! 

And since the Little Rascals dissolved (their age group is no longer co-ed), they joined forces with another group of boys and are now the Jedi Knights!

Kevin is still coaching these little monkeys!

And so it begins it's this little one who is always running out in the field trying to play.

A little snuggle time

And trying to get a pic of these three was a bit difficult

And a team pic from this weekends game...

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