Sunday, October 11, 2015

Pumpkin Village

On Friday Hayden and I took a quick trip up to the pumpkin village at the arboretum while the boys were at school.  She loved walking around and checking out all the pumpkins but wasn't a huge fan of getting her picture taken. I couldn't get her to look at me!
We were in and out in about 45 minutes - since our friends didn't end up making it we didn't hang around for long. It was hot...and she was in tights. I can only assume she wasn't thrilled about that...but she sure was cute!

Anyhow, when we woke up this morning we made an impromptu decision to take all of the kiddos to the pumpkin village. When we got to the arboretum the first two parking lots were already full, so we weren't so sure about our idea...

We stuck to the plan and eventually made it...

The boys sat down in the pumpkins and Hayden was so excited to crawl in there with them. She was ALL smiles. 
Now if I could only say the same for the boys. They were in good moods but getting a smile from them all is quite challenging. 

Or really just getting them ALL to look at the camera would be nice. 

At least Hayden was loving it!

This little ham kept requesting pictures...

finally smiling for the camera

Ryan kept coming up to me with different pumpkins and asking me to take his picture. 

Then his smiles got a little weird. 
So we stopped.

And one more time with all three. Of course Grayson isn't participating...


That's a big ol' squash. Strong boy!

The kids had fun and after the village we headed over to grab some German food at one of the little cafes.  It was a perfect little Sunday morning...if only it could have been 20 degrees cooler....

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