Friday, October 30, 2015

Lakewood Halloween

On Thursday we made a last minute decision to head to the Lakewood Country Club Halloween Party.  The weather was amazing so we grabbed a table outside which was the perfect way to spend the evening.  
Grayson wasn't interested in taking a picture with this creepy skeleton.

We were one of the only families outside for a while which is nice when you are dealing with three kids five and under. We pack a punch. 

We got our picture taken and didn't even have to stand in a long line - wohoo!

I took the boys to check out the hay maze and decorate some cupcakes while my parents stayed with Hayden got a head start on dinner. After dinner we headed into the ball room for some dancing!

All the tween girls thought Hayden was adorable in her little dinosaur egg costume

Ryan loved being up on stage...and some times he would bust a move! Hayden also tried to get up there...she LOVED the dancing!

Ryan and Lauren hanging out on stage.  She won the costume contest for the girls! So cute!

Hayden hanging out on the dance floor - the little boy next to her won the costume contest too! 

And a few drinks outside before heading home! Such a fun evening!

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