Monday, October 5, 2015

Texas State Fair 2015

State Fair 2015 is in the books!

We rode some of the rides 
UnFortunately since I am smaller than Kevin I tend to be the go-to adult for a ride buddy.  I might have a few extra brusies after squishing myself into these kiddy rides. It will be nice when the boys want to ride together and Kevin and I can watch from below. 
Ready for the roller coaster! Ryan calls this the dog ride...because it was a large wiener dog.  And lucky me, I got to ride it twice because because Grayson also wanted a turn.
And here we are in a little clown car. I do love bumper cars but I would have enjoyed a larger car...every time we bumped I had to brace myself. That and I kinda felt bad ramming into a bunch of little kids. 

Kevin did the Monkey Maze with the boys. All morning long Ryan talked about how he wanted to do the Haunted House at the fair. Seriously, all morning long. I was a little skeptical but just went a long with it. Of course, as soon as we approached the haunted house he took one look and started crying. Soooo we didn't do that. Luckily we found this kid-friendly fun house :)

Hayden had fun hanging out with Papu and taking in all the sights and sounds. This was Papu's first trip to the Texas State Fair!

After the rides we headed to get some corny dogs!
She was a fan!
Hanging with Yaya. She wanted to walk around so badly. But every time she got down she would run off, or find something on the ground to try and stick in her mouth. yuck!

We all shared a fried snickers and then the rest of them shared fried pecan pie (you know how I feel about pie).

Ryan was set on getting popcorn and a snow cone. Here he is with his popcorn. And the snow cone didn't happen because we couldn't find it again...oops! Good thing there is a neighborhood block party this week with snow cones.  

We walked around a little bit and then finished up with checking out the animals. 
Grayson was trying to feed the ducks and one of them came up and grabbed all of his food. Good thing he thought the whole thing was hilarious. Silly duck!

These little piglets were precious.  

And of course we stopped and snapped a pic with Big Tex. Or as Ryan calls him "that tall man that talks"

Until next year....

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