Wednesday, November 4, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

1. School Pictures

Once again, Suzi Neely did an amazing job with the boys school pictures! I am so bummed that I missed the sibling day opportunity...but at least I got these adorable shots!

Can't wait to order these!

2. Camo Belts

These two monkey's earned their camo belts last week and they were pretty proud! They have really been enjoying taking karate and it's awesome that they are in the same class. The only difficult part is trying to keep Hayden from trying to participate. 

3. MJ Holiday Show

On Sunday I hosted a trunk show for the November Holiday release collection - and it was adorable! So much cute stuff and so fun shopping with friends. Our show was pretty successful so Hayden ended up getting quite a few new outfits herself! I think one of my friends is going to host a show for the December release...I'm already excited about that. Did I mention I might have a problem?!? Check out these two adorable outfits from the holiday line!

And some of my favorite items are the adorable leggings and tights!!!

4. No More Pull-ups. (well...kind of)

So Grayson is FULLY potty trained. Underwear all day. AND all night. Woot Woot! He has been for quite a while but Kevin and I put a pull-up on him at night just in case. However, night after night he woke up with a dry pull-up so the other night I just let him sleep in underwear. And that was that. Now if I could only get him to go back to sleeping through the night....oye!
Oh and the "well...kind of" comment is because Ryan is actually still in pull-ups at night. It's kinda crazy how easy it all was for Grayson. I feel bad because when Ryan learned that Grayson was sleeping in underwear at night he got so upset. He really wants to be able to but he just can't seem to figure out how to stay we are still working on that. I am sure it will click one day...hopefully sooner than later :)

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