Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

We kicked off the weekend celebrating one of our friends 3rd birthday at The Lot on Friday afternoon. The weather was perfect and the kids had so much fun running around with all of their friends.

Blyth, who is 6 months older than H, loves to 'take care' of her. She always makes sure that Hayden has her milk and paci...and one of her favorite things to do it take Hayden's paci out and then pop it back in - like she found it for her. It's pretty cute...until it falls in the sand.  

Saturday was filled with soccer games and birthday parties.
Kevin took the boys to the soccer fields for team pictures and games that both began at noon. Gigi and Papa met them up there and helped with Grayson (since Kevin had to coach Ryan's team.)
Grayson scored TWO goals! I wish I could have seen him - I can only imagine how proud he was! Hopefully he can show me again next weekend!

While the boys were on the soccer field I took Hayden to Kidville for Parker's 1st birthday party. 

I had to wake her up from her nap so she was like this for the first 45 minutes. 
The bubbles perked her up a little bit but it wasn't until we got in to the gym area when she loosened up a little! And then when it was time to eat she was in full Hayden mood. 

She slammed some little sandwiches and fruit and then dug into a cupcake. She was so proud to be sitting at a table and not in a high chair - it was pretty cute. After we ate she tried to get back in the gym but the party was we headed home to pick up the boys and make our way to the Stonewall Elementary Carnival.

This was the only pic that I got but they had a blast and didn't want to leave. They loved the fun house and silly string! They played some games and loved running around with their cousins. Can't wait for Ryan to go there next year! 

That evening we had a few friends over for a low-key night of outdoor playing and pizza.

And since Caleb's mom was at Taylor Swift we got this little dude to ourselves! He's an angel!

The kids played so well together and I don't think there was any fighting or even crying! wow! Of course Hayden loved following them around - she thinks she is so BIG!

After church we headed over to the garden for the 100th year celebration. There was music, games,  food trucks and bounce houses - what more could anyone want!

And later we headed over to Gigi and Papa's house for dinner. Ryan and Grayson love playing with their cousins and were thrilled to play 'school' with Lyla and Audrey.  The kids put on a 'show' after dinner and I have it on video but haven't uploaded it yet. Great weekend!

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