Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Playgroup Party

On Wednesday we hosted a little Halloween party for our playgroup friends. 

I kept it very simple with a few snacks and sweets. 

Ryan and Grayson helped make the Frankenstein treats - I am sure you can tell which ones they created :)

I tried to get pics of everyone as they walked in but I missed the Bishops and Wallace kiddos!

Such sweet little kiddos!

I found these little wooden masks for the kids to decorate. 

We decided to stick with markers instead of paint...

These two sat by themselves and Hayden was so proud to be at a kids table!

So much chaos

While everyone else was chowing down on the patio these two were in the back of the yard in the Jeep with the radio blaring. It was pretty cute!


Our playgroup is a little boy heavy...

So strong!!!

These two little goobers! 

Fun evening with friends!

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