Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Perot Museum Camp

This year for Ryan's birthday Gigi and Papa wanted to gift a camp or activity instead of a toy. I love that idea especially since these boys have so many toys already! We signed Ryan up for a bug camp at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science and he really enjoyed it. Every day they learned about a different bug and at the end of the week they invited us (parents) to a little 'reception' where they showed off everything they had done that week.

Monday: Caterpillar - Ryan brought home a little caterpillar in a plastic cup with a lid. There was food in it and his teachers said we didn't have to do anything so we set it on the kitchen counter and the little caterpillar did his thing. One day I looked over and bam...he was a butterfly. 
Tuesday: Ladybugs - Today Ryan brought home two little lady bugs. We kept them for a couple days and then he released them in the backyard.
Wednesday: Spiders - We actually missed this day...Ryan wasn't up for it so I didn't want to push him.
Thursday: Bee's - Ryan told me all about bee's and honey on our way home! So cute!
Friday: Worms - And Ryan came home with an earthworm....since we were headed out of town we took the worm with us....and now I am not quite sure what happened to it. Oh well, Ryan hasn't been too concerned. 

1st day of camp! Ryan was excited to learn all about bugs!

Didn't really take any pictures during the week, but on Friday Grayson and I arrived early to check out everything. Grayson wanted everything Ryan had...as soon as we walked in he somehow managed to take the hat right off of Ryan's head. Luckily Ryan didn't mind.

This was a lightening bug - there was a glow stick in the plastic bottle body...so cute!

Looking for his earthworm

A picture of a bee! He was so proud of everything he made!

There was a lot more artwork but I wasn't able to get too many pictures...Grayson was a wild one and he kept trying to take other kids artwork and claim them as his own. Ryan had such a fun time at this camp and I love how organized and non-chaotic it was.

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