Saturday, July 19, 2014

Vandy - Breakfast Nook

I have been working on some art for the breakfast nook and finally finished it...and then finally photographed it :) 

During one of my trips to Zgallerie I saw this subway art that I really liked. I kinda wanted to buy it but it was a tad pricey for something that I knew I could replicate and personalize. So I did just that.

And I made TWO!
All of the places mentioned are special to Kevin and I ...and sort of a walk down memory lane.  I made these using my silhouette and following a tutorial that I found on pinterest. It was pretty easy but did take me a long time...mainly because I tend to get interrupted a lot. Imagine that. 

I knew I needed something light because the boys can get a little wild when they are eating. If you aren't aware kids don't exactly sit still when they eat...Ryan has already knocked one off the wall (with his feet I believe). There were no injuries so it was fine. 
Kevin and I have talked about adding wainscoting to the walls to make the area more cohesive. I think it would also be easier to clean...lots of grimy fingerprints on these walls. I would also love to add some pillows for a little decor but not so sure that's the best idea while the kids are so young. We can think about that a little later :)

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