Wednesday, July 9, 2014

22 months

What's going on?
- Working on his 2 year molars
- Bit someone at school! oops!
- Loves to color/paint
- Obsessed with stuffed animals - fills his crib at night
- Takes paci when sleeps but happily takes out and leaves in crib
- Current favorite books: Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site and Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes.
- Started to pronounce two sylables. For example, Ha-ppy, ba-by, Air-plane
- Starting sentences. "Hold Me" and "Here you go"
- Can be really shy....and also really outgoing
- Loves to flirt
- Not sure on ability to identify colors. Some times he does it correctly then the next day he won't at all. At one point I really thought he was possibly colorblind...but maybe he just isn't there yet. I should work more with him on these things
- Puzzle skills are slightly lacking...oops
-Love to give hugs and kisses!!!

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