Sunday, July 20, 2014

That's what he said - Ryan

This guy is a big goof! He talks A LOT these days...and some of it cracks me up. Here are a few things I have managed to write down.
One of our friends had baby number three - a sweet little boy. Ryan and I were talking about Charlie's new brother when he asked "What will Charlie do with Evie (his little sister)?" I didn't really know where he was going with this so I asked him what he meant. he said "Well, Charlie has a new baby now so he doesn't need Evie". Oh dear! I explained to him that Evie isn't going anywhere...just like we kept you when Grayson was born. "Oh yeah" he said in response.

Goodness. I am so tired of potty words. This child does not stop.

I need a mommy boost! - this is what Ryan says when he is swinging and wants me to push him...

Victory! - He yelled this after he finished his breakfast one day...and he got it from the Planes book that he loves to read every night. When Dusty crosses the finish line he yells I guess he associated it with finishing his food.

Other Ryan-isms

When he is explaining something that he gets to do he always qualifies it with "cause that's what big boys do"

He tends to apply the "Don't eat too much candy because your belly will hurt" theory to other areas in his life. For instance, he was watching tv one day and after his show he asked me to turn it off. He explained to me that you can't watch "too much or else your belly will hurt."

When he wants something he often says "My belly wants x". This could be something to eat or drink...or something random like to go to the park.

His name for things:
Automatic toilets = magic toilets. And he is not a fan...

Headphones = Listening ears

Making silly faces...

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  1. Too funny! I won't mention to Evie that she's no longer needed. :) Ha!


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