Wednesday, July 9, 2014

32 Weeks - Hayden

How far along? 32 weeks 0 days
Weight: Officially up 21lbs this pregnancy - gained 4lbs since last appt. 
Baby size: According to Babycenter little Hayden is around almost 4lbs. I forgot to ask the doctor when I went in yesterday - he did measure my belly - 31cm....but I am not really sure what that means. He said it was right on track so I guess we are good. Hayden's head was down and her spine facing the right side...rump at the top of my belly. Legs and arms on the left side...which I feel all the time. I know she still moves around but it's fun to hear where she is. 
Sleep: Feels like I am up more these past few weeks...oye
Best moment this week: Hanging with our friends over the 4th of July. We always have such a fun time and love that all the kiddos are starting to actually play together. 
Miss anything: Being able to fit through small/narrow spaces. When I park our car in the garage there is only a small gap left in the front to get if I need to get to the garage fridge it is rather difficult for me. I end up knocking stuff over - it's just generally annoying. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Still get random waves of nausea and it seems to be when I haven't eaten in a while. Guess it's a good thing I usually have snacks available. 
Labor signs: No
Symptoms: Nothing out of the ordinary...

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