Wednesday, July 30, 2014

35 Weeks - Hayden

How far along? 35 weeks
Weight: Well after Ryan's birthday I was pretty sure I gained another five pounds. To my surprise I was only up one pound since my last visit! Wohoo!
Baby size: I was able to get a sonogram at my last appointment and she is about 5lbs and 3oz - which is average. My doctor said that I would probably have another small baby
Sleep: Still up a few times but it's so nice to be able to crawl right back into bed...soon enough I will be up all night.
Miss anything: Just being not pregnant would sum it up nicely. Fortunately we have had a pretty mild summer so far, but this past week the heat decided to make an appearance. 
Movement: Some days I notice a lot of movement and some days not as much - that is actaully why I was able to get another sonogram. I may have mentioned to the nurse that I didn't feel baby Hayden moving as much as she was before...anyhow, I got a sonogram and everything was perfect! Nothing to worry about...and of course she was moving around like crazy while I was there. They probably thought I was nuts. 
Other: I honestly don't know how I am going to make another month! I can't imgine growing anymore...did I mention I am at the heaviest/largest I have ever been. How can I stretch much larger? I have a feeling getting my body back might be a whole new challenge. 
Am I ready? Oh how do I answer this, my hosptial bag isn't packed, and Hayden's room isn't finished. I also haven't dug out all the infant baby necessities or bought any newborn diapers. It really sounds like I haven't done anything now that I am writing this...BUT I do have some cute outfits and headbands/bows! I plan to get all of this other stuff done within the next week...just in case. I am sure the more prepared I am the longer she will take to arrive :)

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