Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Vandy - One Year (Upstairs)

The upstairs. I took these pictures back at the "one year" mark and actually quite a bit has changed since then. I think seeing the pictures gave me motivation to make some progress. Or it's just this whole nesting thing they talk about....
This is the view coming up the stairs...the PLAYroom! 
When we built this house we knew we need a large area where our kids could run wild...I had visions of a reading nook and art nook, both of which are half-baked at this time. Anyhow, one of the big debates (internally...I don't think Kevin even knows I think about it) has been whether to put a couch in here or not. I love having a ton of space for everyone to run around but when we have playgroups all the moms hang out on the ground (I know we are all use to it) but sometimes it's nice to have a real seat.  Anyhow, I actually found a solution but I'll save that for when I do an updated playroom reveal. 

That crazy blowup pool takes up quite a bit of space but the boys love it! It could use more balls but they don't really care. 
Above their train table we made an area for them to hang all of their art...and there is a lot of it. For Ryan's first year I think I saved everything he ever made...but now I am much better at being selective. 
We have a little area with a sink and fridge. I plan to stock it with waters/juices and also have some snacks up here but haven't quite done that yet. The only problem I found with stocking the fridge is that once kids discover there are drinks in there they want to drink them's like a competition. So we will see. I would also like to get a kureg for up here. Kevin thinks it's silly but I think it would be a nice little 'perk' if you will. 

And for the other side.

This corner is the "reading" nook. I pictured them taking books into the uber comfy tent and just hanging out...that has yet to happen. First of all I need to make it more comfy...I found a rug so next step is making the purchase. The boys love their tent but the wood slats tend to slide around a lot on the wood floor, yet another reason I need to buy that rug! 

This area in the corner is intended to be their "art" nook but it's kinda a mess. They still use the craft table to draw and play with playdoh but I would like to get it all organized for them. I love the chalkboard wall and need to write something cute up there....
And then we have a large closet for storage. yay!

And now for the bedrooms. First room up is Ryan's. And I am now realizing that I didn't do the best job of taking pictures. 
The entrance to his room is to the right (basically the right corner). I am standing in his closet to take this picture. I wouldn't say the bunk beds fit perfectly in here, but what can ya do? I mean, they fit and it looks fine, but from a design perspective I would have gone a different route.
The walls are Serena and Lily - Sprout. I was nervous about doing something so wild but it's a kids room and that is where you can take my book at least. I actually love the color and Ryan does too. 
On the other side of the room is his dresser. To the left of this is his bathroom and then his closet. 

The boys rooms are connected by a Jack and Jill bathroom. I also didn't do a good job taking pics here....need to take pictures of Ryan and Grayson's bathroom area. 
We basically did the same thing in their bathroom as our dining room downstairs - odd when I think about it. lol. Wainscoting and Fly By Night Blue paint. 

Next up - Grayson's room!
We used a darker gray in here - Sherwin Williams Pavestone (same as craft room) 
I basically repurposed everything from Ryan's nursery with a few changes including curtains, bedding and art work. 

I made the paper mobile for him - super easy and it's pretty cute!
I didn't really picture the whole wall but basically that door is to the bathroom and then to the right of that one is the closet door. 

On the other side of the room we have his crib

And his rocker...
For most of the year there we had Ryan's old bookcase in the spot where the nightstand is...but we were missing a shelf and it was always a mess. I ended up getting rid of it and just using the nightstand instead - which I think fits the room much better. I had plans of creating a gallery wall over here but I know we will be changing this room soon (well in the next year) and thought I would wait until then to work on decorating the walls. 

The next room is the guest room (which is in the process of being transformed into Hayden's nursery)
I also swore that I took pictures of this before we started to change it...and I can't seem to locate them! grrr! Anyhow, it was basically the first room in the house to be 'complete'. Only fitting that it was the room that we end up redoing. 

Lastly, our room. And when I say last...I mean last because we still haven't done anything in here...and I really don't have plans to anytime soon (only because I would like to finish all the others areas before I tackle a new one!). 

Don't mind all that stuff that needs to go up in the attic

I don't love this dresser in our room. When we bought this furniture this piece was the only size that would work in our first house. Now I wish we have a shorter wider dresser...since this wall is so spacious. I am also debating (internally, once again) on if I want a tv in here. Kevin isn't a fan of the tv in the bedroom and I totally get it. I really don't mind not having one but some lazy mornings I think it would be nice to snuggle with the boys and watch some cartoons. 

Bathroom - not much going on in here either. 

I didn't really take pictures of our closets because they are currently a mess. I need to do a major cleanout but it's hard when you are preggo...cause I don't really know what fits and what doesn't. Oye!

So that's it for the upstairs! My mom and I have been working hard on Hayden's nursery and I can't wait to post pictures soon!

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