Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dear Ryan (14 months)

Little BUG -

You turned 14 months today little man (well, four days ago)! So what's new?
Your Routine: 
You wake up around 7:15 in the morning and your dad usually goes to get you (since he’s already up). You guys share a bowl of cheerios on the bed while I wake up. You usually search for Bob and are thrilled when he pokes out from under the covers. Once mommy is up we head to the living room where you have some yogurt (sometimes more cheerios with it) and watch a little bit of the Today Show. 
At 8am (or 8:30 depending on the day) we meet Stacey and Jack to go on our walk. You love going on our morning walk and on days when we don’t you get a little angry. I know if you could talk you would be saying “Mommy LETS WALK”!
Our days are usually filled with activities, play dates, and errands. Now we always try and make it home for your nap. Since you only do one a day it important for you to get a good one in your crib. I try to get you down around 12:30 - sometimes its easy, and sometimes there is some screaming. You typically nap for around two hours and have been known to hit almost three, but that is pretty rare. 
In the evening you have dinner around 5:30 or 6:00, which is before dad gets home. Most of the time you are done and ready to give daddy a big greeting. You usually give our a BIG squeal when you hear him coming - its so cute and your daddy loves it. Your greeting wrapped up with Bob’s greeting makes coming home pretty special!
We give you a bath every night because you love it plus it also helps your calm down. After bath time you read some books, hang out and then hit the hay around 7:30ish. 
You eat like a little champ but the one thing you absolutely LOVE is mac n’ cheese. Goodness gracious - and you are particular, you like Kraft the best. I try and give you the Annie’s Organic but you know the difference. Oh well...
I also rediscovered the squishy food pouches that I use to give you when you were younger. They are great now because they are an easy way for you to get your veggies AND you also like to hold them and feed yourself - score one for mommy!

We got rid of your night bottle (the last one! yay!) for good this month. You really didn’t even seem to mind (I think it was harder for your dad to give it up than you!). Now you chug a little bit of milk from your sippy cup then sigh and collapse on either my or your dad shoulder. It’s adorable. 
I think your official first word is “Uh-oh” ...either that or “Bob”. You have been saying Bob for a while but you tend to say it even when he isn’t around, so I am not so sure. The “uh-oh” thing is on purpose and when you drop something. I also think that you are saying Dad now.....hello, what about mommy? :)
You like to hand me everything which is super cute. You also are really intrigued by putting caps on things and taking them off. 
Sometimes you bite - yes, that’s right - a little vampire. I am not sure if it is going to be an issue or not but you are pretty deliberate about it. Whenever I (or your dad) tell you “No” you take a chunk out of our hands. The first time was at dinner and you were trying to stand up in your high chair. You dad told you NO and had his hand there to keep you in the chair and you looked at him then opened up your mouth and bit him! It was shocking...and painful! You have done this to me a few times but hopefully you will learn it is not acceptable. 
You started Mother’s Day Out this month and it was a little bit of an adjustment. You have never had separation anxiety before but I think you had a little case of it - luckily it didn’t last long. Now you love it when you see your teachers and you reach out for them when they take you in the morning!

You starting standing up all by yourself this month but you really don’t do it all that much. 
You learned how to slide down your slide in the backyard - and you LOVE it!
Weight: Guessing 20-21lbs?
Clothes: 12-18 months
Shoes: size 4
Teeth: Four top front teeth & two bottom front
Pretend sneezes
Music class
Mr. Barry & his guitar
Playing outside
Thomas the Train scooter
Other random notes:
I always forget to mention how you twirl your hair when you are tired. That’s how we know when you are about to fall asleep - the hair twirl. It’s cute!
You still sleep with your booty up in the air and your hands shoved down underneath you. It’s pretty darn cute as well!

You are at that phase where you think No is funny. I am trying to be consistent and let you know that I am serious...but you still think its funny. One day...

You Uncle Bryan babysat you all by himself (Kevin was out of town). You guys had a ball but you did end up with an upset stomach which kept you up until 3am! I think it was from the pureed broccoli that I gave you for dinner!

Whenever I put on Chapstick (which is a lot since I am addicted to it) you want it too. I try to get it on your lips but you just want it on your tongue. So cute!
Love you to the moon and back!

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