Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Arts and Crafts

My little bug did his first art project today at school! It was so adorable! When I went to pick him up one of his teachers was posting pictures on the bulletin outside of the room so I snapped some pics of them!! I love reading what they did during the day and seeing pictures was even better!

Here he is coloring his apple picture. What a sizzler. 

Here they are at music class - the music teacher comes to their room. 

And here is his masterpiece! 

So I haven't really given an update on how he is doing since the first day (which he did great). The next time I brought him he cried when I dropped him off - broke my heart. He was crying when I picked him up too - and on his note from the teachers the "Today, I was: Happy, Sad, Quiet" had the happy and sad checked. Ugh - sad, boo - I hate knowing that my little man was sad. I am not saying my little baby is happy all the time but it was just so unlike him to be crying so much.  His teacher believes that is is completely normal and that it will pass - and each day I notice a difference. Now he doesn't cry when I drop him off, and today he didn't cry when the teacher set him down to play. Progress. I think one thing that made him cry was that all the others babies are screaming too! 

Anyhow, on his note home today the teacher wrote that he was doing better, but still got "sad" checked (along with happy). They said "he played with friends today and he kept trying to comfort two girls (go Ryan) when they cried by handing them their lovies/pacifiers". What a DOLL! That made me smile! 

I know its just an adjustment and I already think things are getting so much better!

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