Tuesday, October 4, 2011


This past weekend we headed down to Houston to see family AND to surprise MK for her 30th birthday! Kevin took Friday off so that we could drive down Thursday evening. We were hoping that driving at night would be better for the bug (and for us). It worked out well - he watched one little 30 minute show then was out for the rest of the ride. He woke up when we arrived to say hello to everyone and then went back down easily. Success!

The biggest news from the weekend was that Ryan started WALKING! I has a feeling that he was going to - he always seems to hit milestones when he is at Yia yia and Papu's house. Here is a link to the video I took! Ryan Walking

We had a great weekend hanging with everyone (Claire came in town too)! We took Ryan to the park a couple of times and he LOVED it! Here is a video from him sliding down a slide.

Saturday night we met friends for dinner at a place called El Gran Malo. After dinner we headed to a bar called Prohibition for MK's surprise party. It was so much fun hanging out with everyone! Here are a couple pictures we took before we left the house.

 We didn't head back to Dallas until Sunday evening (since it works so much better for Ryan) but it was much harder for us to drive back after a night out! We were both so tired but we made it! Here are a few pictures from Ryan swimming on Sunday.

Ryan LOVES Macy! They are so cute together. 

I have more pictures on my iphone that I will have to add to this post!

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