Thursday, September 1, 2011

13 months

So I had originally planned to keep up with your monthly photos and letters but clearly I have already fallen behind. I decided to forego the monthly stickers and just stick with regular pics. So here we go...

You love playing with balls!

So serious!

Playing with the grass

You are a super duper fast crawler and a serious climber. This makes it easy for you to get into EVERYTHING - which, by the way, is your favorite thing to get into. The other day I was making you lunch in the kitchen and I found you trying to eat one of my favorite candles in the living room. No harm done but you sure did have some wonderful breath. 

We walk every moning with Stacey and Jack. Sometimes we bring Bob - he only makes it halfway and then you have to share your stroller with him. You typically start banging on him with your feet but he just lays there and takes it - because he knows his other option is to walk. 

You LOVE eating yogurt and cheerios for breakfast. Daddy sits with you when he eats his cereal and you guys share the cheerios - it's as cute as it sounds. After that I give you yogurt which you are a huge fan of.  

As I mentioned earlier, you are really into climbing. You haven't mastered getting on to the couch from the ground but that doesn't mean you haven't figured out a way to get up there. You start on you chair and climb over the back of it to get on the couch. Once you are on there you crawl back and forth from one end to the other. Usually stopping to poke at Bob and of course giggle when he growls at you. 

My furniture in the living room has been compromised because I can't have any decorations out. I had to clear the sofa table off because you would grab the pictures and vase and want to throw them. Once the table was cleared off you apparently thought that was a "Go Ahead" for you to climb and sit on it. Goodness - so now it's just floating about a foot from the sofa.  

Favorite Shows:
Backyardigans (really just like the theme song)
Baby Einstein - still love it. I have no idea why this keeps your attention so well but even your 2 year old niece will sit and watch it with you at restaurants

Favorite Food:
Peanut butter & Jelly, turkey rolls ups with hummus, Mac n Cheese, Hot Dogs and ALL fruit.  You also tried Broccoli this month and were pretty fond of it. Yay!

Favorite Song: C Lo Forget You (yes, I realize I am a little late on this song but you will soon realize mom is not so hip in the whole music department.) Really, you just love anything that mommy sings and dances to like a crazy woman. I guess it would be pretty funny. 

We really increased the toy department (lots of birthday presents) this month and you seem quite happy. Although many times you are content with a toothbrush, tervis tumbler straw, the remote control and/or my iphone. 

You love to hammer things. When daddy was building some shelves you got your hammer out and helped him by banging on the wood - that was also just as cute as it sounds.

You love opening books and turning the pages yourself. You give your Hokey Pokey Elmo hugs and kisses and its super cute. You enjoy using your walker and are so cute when you pick it up and jump to get over the little bumps between rooms (I have no idea what those are called...we called them Troll Traps in Norway). 

It has been a really hot summer and I can't wait for the weather to cool down a bit. We never get to play outside and I know you would love to play with your outdoor toys. Hopefully September will bring cooler weather!

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