Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend Update

Last week was a wee bit stressful for me because I was alone most of the week. If you know me, you know I hate it when Kevin is gone. Not only do I miss him, but I am a scaredy cat and hate to be alone. And of course these days it just hard work! Since he was gone for most of the week I was excited to go out with girlfriends on Friday night. Kevin’s flight didn’t get in until 9pm so I brought Ryan over to the Hales house and Michael watched him until Kevin was able to pick him up. Sarah had a yummy food spread for us and we toasted with champagne. Michael got all fancy pants on us and had a driver take us all to the Train & Maroon 5 concert. We had so much fun - here is a pic of Sarah and I with our massive beers. 

On Saturday we started the day out by going to Lily’s 3rd birthday party. Everything was super cute and Ryan had a lot of fun playing the backyard. The weather was AMAZING.  My favorite part was this RAINBOW cake! It tasted just as good as it looked!!!

Birthday girl and her cake!


Susanne hanging with Ryan

Saturday afternoon Kevin took Ryan over to the Botterman’s house to watch the A&M game and I got some time to myself. I just cleaned the house and went to get a much needed pedicure. It was lovely. I even got to sneak in a little catnap. 
This morning we headed out on foot for breakfast. We walked down the street to a place called Velvet Taco. It was delicious - I fell in love. Hands down the best breakfast taco in Dallas. It’s fancy, the taco -- not the joint, which I am sure doesn’t surprise anyone in Dallas. It’s not your typical breakfast taco and now I definitely want to go back to try lunch/dinner. I had #18 which is the applewood bacon, egg, cheddar potatoes, smoked chili button, and mustard greens. Yup - thats fancy for me. 
This afternoon we headed to the Rangers game. We got tickets from Kevin’s boss and decided it was time to take Ryan to his first baseball game. The seats were great (right behind 3rd base) BUT they were in the sun and it was pretty darn hot so we didn’t stay in them for very long. When we got to the park we bought Ryan a Rangers shirt - I don’t really know the players but all they had in his size was Cruz, so that what we got. He seemed pretty happy with it - now I am on the hunt for a Nolan Ryan one because I think it would be super cute! Anyhow, we watched a little bit of the game from the seats while Ryan had a hot dog then we walked around the stadium and got Ryan an official certificate for his first game - wohoo!

Yay baseball!

Ryan's first ballpark dog!

Flirting with some ladies

So busy flirting he didn't even realize he was standing by himself!

Such a fun weekend - love my little family! I am excited that Kevin will be home all week this week. Which reminds me - what’s for dinner? I was super excited when this weeks NoMoreToGo menu came out. Here is what we will be trying out this week!
Monday: Salmon with Cilantro Cream Sauce, Roasted Grape Tomatoes, Fluffy Couscous
Tuesday: Chicken and Cashew Lettuce wraps with dipping sauce, sticky rice
Wednesday: Steak tacos with Avacado Sauce, Hearts of Palm salad
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Dine out

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