Monday, August 29, 2011

No More To Go

My sister-in-law sent me an email last week about a Lakewood mommy who started a meal planning website. I was super excited about it because (as I have mentioned before) I always have a hard time coming up with meals! My go to meal seems to be grilled chicken, veggies and rice a roni. Oh how I love my rice-a-roni....if Kevin only felt the same way. Anyhow, I am loving this site because it has the FULL meal plan and also a grocery list! How awesome is that?!?

I usually only cook dinner three nights during the week. We have leftovers one night and then eat out the other three. Until our family grows a little more I don't see that changing. Stacey (from plans meals for five nights, so it nice to have a variety of meals to chose from. Here is what my my plan is for this week:

Monday: Recommended meal from No More To Go
Tuesday: Recommended meal from No More To Go
Wednesday: Michele dine out/ Kevin leftovers (I know that seems mean, but this seriously doesn't happen that much!)
Thursday: Recommended meal from No More To Go
Friday: Dine out
Sat/Sun: Dine out

My market list looks small but that is because I just printed the grocery list off the website - I only added things that I needed outside of the recipes. 

Side note: Isn't my meal planner SUPER cute?!? It is a May Book from my friend Mica's company. (Check out her website for other cool notebooks including wedding planners, bump diaries, weekly planners and more!)

Monday night meal review: 
Kevin will be the official judge and he gave tonights meal four stars (out of five).  He says it was "excellent" but didn't want to give five stars right out of the gate. I really enjoyed it myself because it was unlike anything I have ever cooked. I have never ever even purchased chicken legs and thighs (with or without skin). I thought it was pretty darn tasty however it was a little time consuming. I am pretty exhausted now. lol.  I am not sure how I would have accomplished it if the little bug hadn't taken an hour and fifteen minute nap.

Speaking of him - he didn't eat this meal (mainly because it wasn't in ready in time).  I did however use some of the white rice and mixed in some broccoli, chicken and soy sauce. He also had a side of strawberries. Overall he didn't eat much, but I think it is because he is teething (I assume).

Anyhow, back to the recipe. I think I could have prepared things earlier in the day which would have helped so I will try and do that next time. I am excited for tomorrows meal! I will update this post with our reviews.

Tuesday night meal review:
Rosemary grilled flank steak with new mashed potatoes and spinach 
Kevin gives four and a half stars! It was seriously yum! Not to mention ridiculously easy! If you need a quick and delicious meal I vote for this one!

Wednesday night meal review: no cooking

Thursday night meal review:
Roasted Pork tenderloin with cucumber mandarin salad, spinach and new mashed potatoes
This was a little bit of a mishmash. I decided not to make the ahi tuna because I had it at dinner last night. I also hadn't bought it yet so that was ok, I picked out a different entree to prepare. I had already bought the stuff for the mandarin salad so I still made that. Since I loved the fresh spinach I  just made more of that and we had leftover potatoes from tuesday to eat as well. Well all the sides were pretty good (I didn't try the mandarin because I don't like them). Anyhow, I was in lala land when I was setting the oven timer and let my pork cook for way too long...It was 15 minutes before the timer went off when a light came on in my head and I realized what I had done - yikes. Kevin tried to give this one three stars but I thought that was generous. I way over cooked it...but he thought the "idea" was three stars. I guess maybe the execution was like 1 star...if that. Blah, we might not make that again. 

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