Sunday, August 7, 2011

9,000 Balloons

Today was our 37th day of consecutive triple digit heat and I (along with everyone else) can't wait for it to cool down! Since hanging outside isn't really an option we headed to the Nasher Sculpture Center to check out a fun Balloon exhibit.  Ryan's cousin Ethan had gone with one of this friends earlier in the week and had so much fun he wanted to take all of us.  The only bad news was that kids under 3 weren't allowed - which totally makes sense (especially after you have gone in)!
And here it is - a room full of balloons. 
There goes Daddy!

Kevin & Ryan

After the Michael and Kevin went in we (Sarah, Megan and myself) decided we should see what it was like. OMG if you are claustrophobic I don't recommend. Michael told us that we had to go in and try and make it to the other end of the room. So we headed in and took off. Ethan and Lyla were just giggling and running around like crazy trying to make it to the other end. When I thought we were almost there I decided ok that was good enough for me. I was now over it and just wanted the quickest way out.  So I turned around and started heading to where I thought the exit was....I kept going and kept pushing balloons out of the way only to find more and more balloons and no exit. Then all of the sudden I ran back into everyone. It was the WEIRDEST think you are walking one way but then evidently doing a complete circle. I wish I could have had a birds eye view of what I was doing. Anyhow, when I found the girls again I stuck with them and we eventually made it out. Whew. Glad I am done with that. The kiddos LOVED it so thats all that really mattered. Oh to be a kid again!

Ryan and Truman just chillin

Crazy dad popped out of nowhere!

Ryan playing on the musical steps! So fun!

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