Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cilantro Lime Fish Tacos

So this is my super fast and easy "Go To" meal for us. I am sharing this with everyone and also linking up with Stafford Stories to share with other mommies! I don't have a picture of this now but will add one soon! Fish tacos are so yummy and fast and Kevin LOVES them! The fish and taco idea obviously isn't mine but I did come up with this sauce by myself. I am a HUGE fan of sour cream and always have it with anything Mexican. I also really dig lime and cilantro, so one night I decided to mix it all up and BAM! Here you go!

White fish (we usually use tilapia but really you can use whatever you want! Shrimp works too!)
Corn Tortillas
Cheese (Cheddar, Monterey jack...whatever you are feeling)

Sour cream
Garlic salt

1. I usually make the sauce first - I use a mini cusinart food processor and basically just throw all the ingredients in and mix. Then I taste it and add more of whatever I think it needs. I's not real scientific. You could even add a little jalapeno in the mix if you like things a little spicy!

2. Prepare fish as recommended. I usually throw some EVOO and a little salt before throwing them in a little frying pan. They don't take long to cook - so when they are white and not clear they are ready!

3. Heat tortillas and build your taco!

I usually serve this with some yummy mexican rice and/or black beans.

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