Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Girls Weekend

(apparently everyone else was taking a serious picture...oops!)
About a year ago we started a game night which is basically...well it's basically what it sounds like. A group of girls getting together having some drinks, eating yummy food, playing games (anything from GIANT Jenga to Catch Phrase) and of course LOTS of chitter-chattering! Did it not sound like that? Well it sounds pretty great, huh? Anyhow, at one of the last game nights the ladies decided we needed to take advantage of Susanne's awesome new hotel hook up (courtesy of her job at Hilton) and take a mini trip out to Ft Worth. None of us had been out there so it was the perfect getaway. Susanne secured two  super awesome (and not to mention CHEAP) suites at the Embassy Suits in downtown Ft. Worth and we headed out West for a night of fun!
Shannon sizzle drove us over to the west side in her husbands Tahoe. It was nice, roomy and LARGE so it fit in well over there :) We checked in at about 4:30 then got ready super fast - seriously we were out the door by 5pm! AND that included time for some photos. You know how I love photos :) We headed over to Joe T Garcias to see what the big deal was. We found an awesome parking spot and got there JUST in time. We only waited for about 15 minutes.
Dinner was YUM. The drinks were delicious, the food was plentiful and of course the company was just sizzling. After a pitcher of margaritas and a round of beers we were ready to head to the next event. We left at 7pm and headed to Four Day Weekend to check out an improv comedy show. We weren't sure what to expect but it was pretty awesome! Can't wait to go back with Kevin!
After dinner we were on the hunt for a fun place to grab some more drinks. After a little trial and error we ended up at an outside bar called 8.0. There was a live band and lots of great people watching. Oh Ft. Worth. lol. 
A few beers later we decided that we needed more food :) Our sweet waitress pointed us in the direction for some pizza. The pizza joint was almost like a club except there was no alcohol (sorry Susanne). There was crazy loud rap music which seemed normal at the time, but I can't imagine that flying during the day. We danced, we ate, we screamed to talk and then we were tired. 
After an amazing night of uninterrupted sleep we woke up and ATE once more before heading back to Dallas. On the way out of town we drove by the stockyards so we could see what the fuss was all about. It is ridiculously adorable and I want to go back. I think it would be such a fun little day trip to take the family out there - thinking perhaps if my parents and grandparents come to visit sometime over the holidays we should check it out! It will probably be even cute with Christmas decorations. So fun!
Anyhow, had such a blast with these girls - they rock!

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