Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Friday

This past Friday we had such a fun day. We spent all morning with Yia Yia T before she headed back to Houston. The weather was so nice so we went for a nice long walk on the Katy Trail. Ryan and I got some pics in the backyard.

Then we headed over the the Hales for some wine and pizza. The Botterman's, Sun's, Pearson's and Mike and Mary were there as well.  It was so great to hang out and enjoy the amazing weather.

Cousin E and Ryan

Truman & Megan

Little Truman

Ryan and Grandpa

Look at those cheeks!

Lyla and Truman

Ryan was tired!!!

Just hanging out

The little kiddos eating ice cream!

Little R taking another nap

Reading a book with Stacey

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