Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Physical Therapy - Update

We went to our weekly therapy appointment this past Monday and got a good report on our little man. Since we hadn't been in two weeks the progress was even more obvious to Sandy. Now that we have been stretching him so well the next step is to start strengthening his neck. We have a handful of new exercises that we are working on now.  Sandy was impressed with his ability to get those feet in his mouth - she said that was great. She also noted that the creases in his neck are almost gone AND the creases in his back are completely gone. She also thinks that he will probably start rolling over in the next month - yay! Another exciting thing was that we can start working on him sitting up. She still doesn't want us to use the Bumbo chair or activity center yet, but we can sit him up and lean over a ball for support (while one of us also holds him from the back). The last thing we talked about was the dreaded helmut - uh o....we made an appointment with cranial technologies on Wednesday so I will have more information then.

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