Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year

Look at this party animal! Such a doll!

2010 was such an amazing year for the McDonough family! We had such a wonderful year and can only hope that 2011 is just as great. 

Reflection of 2010

January 2010 we rang in the new year by celebrating with friends at our house. We also announced that we were expecting to our close friends! 

February 2010 I was able to tell work that I was expecting! 

March 2010 we celebrated Kevin's parents 60th birthdays by taking a family trip to St. Johns. It was so beautiful and we had such an amazing time with the whole family. We also had a gender reveal party and found out we were expecting a sweet little BOY!

April 2010 was filled with lots of birthday celebrations and a trip to Houston to visit family and friends.  My best friend MK helped me register at Babies R Us - it was so helpful because I had no idea what I needed and didn't need to register for!

May 2010 I became an official stay at home mom! Kevin and I took a babymoon to Arizona and we also celebrated our two-year anniversary. Jennifer and MK threw us an amazing baby shower and we finally got started working on Ryan's nursery. 

In June 2010 Kevin turned the big 3-0! We celebrated with his close friends on a party boat in Austin. Sarah, Nat, Mary and T threw Ryan and me a super cute baby shower in Dallas. Kevin and I also took maternity pictures. 

In July 2010 we welcomed our little man into this world! He was born July 25th at 11:35pm. 

August 2010 Kevin and I had our first night out and I celebrated my 28th birthday. Ryan and I started Square One and have met some wonderful new friends for both of us!

September 2010 we took our first road trip and traveled down to Houston to visit family and friends over Labor Day weekend. Ryan also watched his first UT game!

In October we celebrated Ryan's first holiday - Halloween! He was an adorable spider! Ryan also met his Pro-Yaya and Pro Papu - they came and visited from Florida!

In November we celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends at the Hales house. Mommy made Ryan a cute little turkey shirt that he wore!

In December we celebrated Christmas down in Katy with my family. We had such a great time and were able to stay for an entire week. Happy New Year!

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