Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's here

So the helmet is here or shall I say it's on! Ryan did so well at his appointment this morning. He is such a happy little man and didn't even notice when we put the helmet on him! Today and tomorrow we are suppose to let him wear it in three hour increments. After three hours we take off and monitor any red marks - once they have cleared (usually takes less than an hour) the helmet goes back on. As his skin gets use to the helmet the marks will go away so by Saturday he will be in it full time.

I just ordered the Turtle Shell decorations which was everyone's favorite (including mom and dad's), so hopefully it will be here early next week! It's 11:30 now so he has been wearing it for almost two hours and is not phased in the least. We even had a feeding and it didn't cause any issues. Business as usual. Hopefully tonight it won't cause any issues with his sleeping - he is such a good little sleeper - fingers crossed!!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Ry,

    Not everyone could pull off a hat like that, but YOU DO! You look so adorable & will rock the turtles when they arrive.

    Whit & NIck


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