Sunday, January 9, 2011

Baby it's cold outside!

This morning we woke up expecting SNOW but all we saw was! 

Although the rain was coming down we bared the weather and headed out for our first day of our "church shopping". We went to Munger Place Church for the 11am service. It is a Methodist church and is associated with Highland Park United Methodist. The church has been redone and it is very nice - everything is very modern. The service is very progressive and we enjoyed our time there. The service ran and hour and fifteen minutes and began with a band playing live music and Ryan LOVED it. When the sermon began Kevin and I were a little confused. We saw the pastor on the big screen but couldn't fund him - then we realized that we were viewing it via satellite from the main church (HPUMC). It was a little different to be at church but watching a sermon on big screen. Everyone was very nice and we enjoyed our time there but we still want to check out a few more churches before we make any decisions. We aren't sure how we feel about the new age church - we might be a little more traditional - guess we will see what happens!

Anyhoo, after the service the doors opened up and it was SNOWING!!! It was really coming down but since it had rained before it wasn't really sticking. Here is a pic of Kevin and Ryan heading to the car. 

After church I went to this new baby boutique to get him some Baby Elephant ears! Truman had some of these and I thought it would help with his torticollis. They are super cute but he still manages to tilt that head. It does help a little because he can usually get his head pretty twisted in his car seat so I guess they aren't a total waste. 

We were able to take a long nap before heading over to grandma and grandpas for dinner! My Aunt was in town so she was able to join us for dinner which was so great. Her daughter (my cousin) had a sweet little baby boy a week before I had Ryan so it was neat to hear all about how he is doing. I wish they could play together - maybe one day! 

What a great Sunday!

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