Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cranial Technologies

We had out appointment at Cranial Technologies today and it looks like our little man is getting a DOC band. While it probably goes without saying - I really didn't want my little man to have to wear one. He is so adorable and I don't want anything covering up his cute little head. However, I know it's for the best and the time will fly by.  At the appointment today they took pictures and measurements of his head. Once that had been done the therapist came in and we talked to her about what the band could do for him.  Although we have seen slight improvement in his head its obvious that his head is misshaped and that there is asymmetry. Here are the pics from today.

This is a typical case and the band should be able to fix it - so thats good news. They can't tell you how long it will take because it really just depends on how fast his little head grows. So now we just wait - they have to contact our pediatrician to get a prescription for the helmet. Once they have that they contact our insurance to see if/what they will cover. I guess there is a lot of controversy over this because most insurance companies will not cover the cost because they say it is cosmetic. Regardless of what our insurance will end up doing (I am thinking they aren't going to cover it) we are still going to move forward with it. So next week we will go and get the digital scan done so that they can create the band and then hopefully we can start the treatment right away! I can't wait to get that noggin in shape!

On another note - parents tend to decorate the bands for the little babies. Cranial Technologies has a whole section on their site about decorating bands. There are facebook groups and lots of blogs where people showcase their bands. And you can even enter your child/band into a contest to be in the Doc Band Calendar! Hey - you gotta make this a fun experience somehow!! I am excited to make him a cute little band and will be headed to the craft store to get some vinyl for my Cricut machine. I can make all sorts of cutouts for his helmet. We can decorate for Valentine's day and Easter....oh the possibilities! 

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  1. sorry to hear that. You have an excellent outlook on it all though, so that will help make the time go by super quick!!


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