Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day!

I woke up early this morning around 5:30 not because of Ryan but because of the sleet hitting the windows. Our first winter storm blew in early this morning and its been a crazy icy day! I love that we got to stay inside all day and hang out together. Wish daddy could have spent the day with us too! Here are some pics from today:

Playing with my toys! You have rolling from your back to your belly down and that is suppose to be the more difficult way. You do it every time mommy leaves me you on your back on your playmat. The only thing is you only roll to your right - you are like Zoolander - you can't go left. Well I know you can, but you prefer to only go right, so we will just work on that!

Playing with your workbench 

Eating some yummy rice cereal with BOB! You LOVE it and so does BOB! Oye!

I also did a little online shopping for our Hawaii trip - so excited! I can't wait to get little Ryan some beach clothes and I am totally getting daddy and Ryan a matching swim suit - they will be so cute! I will have to start looking for them soon - today I focused on myself. Last night while watching the bachelor I thought that Emily's swim cover up was super cute. So I hit google up this morning to see if there was anyway I could find out where she got it AND I am so excited because not only did I find out where she got it, but I found this blog that is great for finding outfits worn on tv shows:. The blog is called Possessionista and it's great! Now if someone could just build an app so that you could take a picture of anyone and find out where to get their outfit that would be AMAZING!

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