Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Six month checkup

We just got back from our six month check up and Ryan is fast asleep.  I was a little nervous going to this appointment because we switched our pediatrician (but are still at the same practice).  I was worried we would run in to our old one -- eek! But luckily we didn't. I am sure they are use to people switching so it's not a big deal. Anyhow, we met with his new pediatrician, Dr. Neely, and really like him. I also really loved his nurse. She was so nice and gentle with the little man - especially when giving the shots! I think Ryan really likes her too! Ryan did so well - he is so happy when the nurse and Dr. Neely are checking him out - lots of smiles!  He got DPT, Hib and Hep B shots as well as the first of a two part flu shot. So many shots but he did great and only cried for a little bit until I was able to pick him up and he calmed right down.  We were so proud to find out that he is up to 14lbs 1 oz!!! Yay Ryan! Here are his stats:

Weight: 14 lbs 1 oz (8%)
Height: 26.25 in (50%)
Head: 41.8 cm (8%)

Last night Ryan didn't sleep very soundly. When we put him down for bed we noticed that he started coughing. It wasn't a wheezing loud cough, just more of a quick dry cough that he would do like evr 30 min or so. It was a little weird because he was fine all day so we didn't know what was wrong. All night long I heard him cough but he never really woke himself up.  He slept until 7am (which is normal) and when we went to get him I noticed his nose was a little stuffy. Once he was up and fed he seemed back to normal (no coughing or runny nose). We brought it up at his appointment and found out that the little man has a virus. Nothing major - something he just picked up from another little kid. He has a sore throat which is causing his cough. Dr. Neely said it would run its course and the best thing would to get a humidifier to run at night. The good news is that Ryan really doesn't seem bothered by it.  He is one happy little man!

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