Saturday, August 7, 2010

Two weeks

So today Ryan is officially two weeks old! I hear six weeks is when it get easier :) Last night I got a three hour stretch in to start off the night - wohoo. Kevin stayed up with Ryan and brought him in about 12:45 for a feeding. After we were done and Ryan was sleeping I slipped him into his bassinet at 2am and he stayed there until 3:10.  His next feeding was suppose to be at 3:45 but I find a night we never really hit each feeding at the correct time. It makes it a little difficult because I never know what his schedule will be the next day but then again I shouldn't be trying to do anything - I should just sleep when he sleeps and I think that will be my plan next week. Anyhow, at 4:20 we were up and feeding again. The difference this time was that Ryan was wide awake afterwards. He had no interest in sleeping. The good news was is that he wasn't fussy - just wide awake. So I sang to him .... all the songs I know.... and then a bunch of stuff that I just made up. At about 6am he still was just hanging out so I decided we would try his swing. That worked for a little while and then he decided he was tired of that. At about 7:15 I was able to put him down to grab a quick little cat nap (35 min) before waking up to feed him again at 8am. So feeding is done and now Yia Yia T and Papau J are here to entertain him for a little while. Goodnight.

I found my flip camera and have been trying to charge it. Hopefully it will work and I can take some video of the little man today! I also will post some more pics.

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