Thursday, August 5, 2010

12 days old - Progress!

So excited to post that last night was the first night Ryan slept in his bassinet the WHOLE night. Let me clarify, he did not sleep through the entire night (he is still to young for that) but when he did sleep he actually stayed in his bassinet without fussing! So excited! I tried a new little tactic and although it was successful I ended up with less sleep - but that is ok. After nursing him I let him lay on my chest and suck on his paci until he fell asleep. When he finally fell asleep I transferred him into his bassinet and turned on the little sound machine night light that he has. I ended up getting less sleep because I checked to make sure he was breathing so many times - I was in shock that he was actually sleeping the whole time in there! Also, the sound machine only lasts for 10 min so I would stay awake to hit the button once it went off a couple times. I am so excited that he didn't insist on sleeping in the bed again.  I was really worried that we had started a really bad habit. We had asked our pediatrician about him sleeping in the bed and she said he was still so young that it wouldn't be an issue, but then it seemed like he would only be calm when someone was holding him so we got a little scared. Yesterday was a big day for him - finally using the swing and sleeping alone! yay! Hopefully it wasn't a fluke!

Here I am right after breakfast this morning falling fast asleep:

Today I have my 2 week check up. I am excited to see how much I have grown!

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