Wednesday, August 4, 2010

11 days old

So I haven't posted in a while and I am sure it is obvious as to why - but I am going to try and get a little better about it. I have a little window of time in the mornings when Ryan will actually take a nap in his bassinet. I guess I can't count on that everyday though!

Here is a cute pic we just took with his new little lion that Yia Yia T got him.

It's later in the day and I am back again. We haven't done much today but I did get a shower and a little nap- which makes all the difference as far as I am concerned. It sounds odd to say that we haven't done much because as any new mom knows you are exhausted. The day also goes by so fast - I guess living your life in three hour segments causes that to happen. Every time I want to get something done I have to decide which break to do it in - usually I am to exhausted and decide to just rest instead. I have been wanting to get out again but getting out takes a lot of energy and instead of resting when you get home you have to nurse so I haven't had the gusto to get out. I know I will eventually get a little stir crazy but since the days go so fast it hasn't been an issue yet.

Ryan has been fairly consistent with his feeding every three hours however today we had one stretch where he went four hours. He ate at noon and was fussy again at 3pm for his next feeding but when he was calmed down he wasn't interested in eating - he just wanted to snooze for another hour!

Today was the first day for Ryan to use his new swing and actually enjoy it. I was so happy when we put him in there and he didn't start screaming! We have tried his bouncer and the swing previously and he was not interested in all so I was a little worried since all he really likes is to be held. Luckily he seemed to enjoy the swing today - now we just need to work on sleeping in the bassinet all night.

Ryan in his comfy swing:

Right now Ryan is asleep on my lap - so sweet. Daddy is on his way home and Yia Yai T just left to get us some dinner so things are pretty great. We are trying to start a nightly routine for Ryan - before his 8 or 9pm feeding we are giving him a bath, then he eats then hopefully goes to sleep nice and tired. Then mommy goes to bed too!

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