Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

 Gobble gobble!
We spent Thanksgiving here in Dallas with Kevin's family. I made these little turkey cinnamon rolls (like last year) for breakfast and we watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Favorite floats:
Grayson: Paddington Bear
Hayden: She loved the music and would bust a move every once in a while. 

We took a walk up to the park to burn a little energy before Hayden's nap. 

This girl is so happy!

Around 3pm we headed over to the Hales for our Thanksgiving fun.

Happy Thanksgiving from the McDonough/Hale crew!

My sweet hubby :)

Her pants were a little long...kinda like having a little mop on her feet. 

She wants my iphone...

Don't mind Michael...

Tough little boys running around shooting "bad guys"

She thought this American Girl Doll Jeep was a Power Wheel. 

A surprise guest dropped by to hand off the "Tag Your It" trophy. 

These guys cheesing it up for some desert

My sweet little turkey!

And we ended the night with a little Whip Nae Nae and Soulja Boy...of course :)

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