Monday, November 16, 2015

Hayden 15 months

Let's do a little catching up...

Here she is 
@ 13 months:

Beach vacation with the family!

Some highlights:
- At 13 months we got rid of her night bottle. hallelujah!
- Peek-a-boo cracks her up
- started walking
- top front two teeth came in

She loves:
- putting things in and pulling them out. repeat.
- pushing walker (or anything that can be pushed)
- riding in little red push car
- playing with her brothers
- reading. Its crazy how this seems to change overnight.  In general Hayden is a huge fan of the whole bedtime routine. I guess she didn't participate in it fully (with the boys) until she was maybe 10 months? Anyhow, she gets so excited and loves playing up in the boys rooms. When daddy pulls out the books and everyone starts to calm down she never really picked up on that cue and would still try and crawl on everyone and sit on the book. If she did sit then she was trying to rip the pages or giggle and get attention. It was adorable. Anyhow, she went from having no interest to becoming slightly obsessed. (I remember this happening with Grayson too). Anytime she finds a book she will bring it over to you and demand that you read it. Her favorite books are Counting Cockatoos, If I were a Fox, and Peek A Who?
- her shoes. She will bring them to you and then lift her foot so that you can put them on.
- pretend play? she has started to grab one of her purses and swing it over her shoulder before she starts walking one of her strollers
- her new anywhere chair

Other tidbits:
-Very demanding. When she wants something she will point at it and basically screams until you give it to her. Oh don't you love it when they can't talk? She is very aware of what her brothers have (especially food) and will scream until she gets it too. Frozen yogurt pops, suckers and cookies are some of her favorites.
- She is transitioning to one nap. It's so awesome that this coincides with Grayson giving up his nap. This can make for some very very emotional evenings.
- When she gets hurt or is really upset she blows raspberries. Non-stop. It's pretty cute. And sounds much better than full on screaming.

@ 14 months
- So I really don't have much but pictures for 14 months. Oh and she did get some teeth - her bottom side teeth and top left molar

First haircut!

She loves The Little Gym


Ta Da!
Actually, she is answering my question "How big is Hayden?"

Weight: 21.6lbs (26%)

Height: 31.5 inches (89%)
Head: 46cm (51%)

She wants to sit at the table with the rest of us. It works for about a minute but then she gets up in everyone business and the boys get a tad annoyed. Sometimes it helps make them eat a little we use her to our advantage.

She loves playing outside. Any push toy is her jam. 

So before we went in for her 15 month checkup I was thinking about everything they were going to ask me...and I knew they would ask about talking. Shoot. She wasn't really saying that much. What words does she say:

But it's not like she doesn't get her point across. She knows how to ask demand more. And tell us when she is done with something. Girl is a communicator. Just not so much words. 

Love reading:
Current favorite book is From Head to Toe by Eric Carle

She claps, thumps her chest, arches her back and even wiggles her hips. It's so much fun to read this with her!

I love this age because you can actually see her learning. It's pretty amazing. Every day she is doing something new and I love watching it happen. She is really working on waving bye and it's adorable. Sometimes she doesn't get her arm lifted but she moves her little hand. It's precious. 
She also is all about testing limits. When we watch the boys karate class she knows she isn't allowed to step on the mat...but by the end of the 30 minutes she is usually creeping over there and getting her toes on it. All while looking back at me with a big ol' grin on her face.  She listens when you say no, but then once she knows she isn't suppose to do it, it's a game. And she loves to play games. 

She is a busy little girl. She's got things to do and places to go. And she doesn't need my help. 
Love this little lady!

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