Monday, November 9, 2015

DesignBox Delivered - Master Entry

Last week the final pieces of master entry decor arrived - wohoo! Kevin hung up the art yesterday and we are loving the new completed entry. 

As I mentioned before, I reached out to Michelle Lynn Interiors Group for help with our master bedroom. I opted for the DesignBox service and LOVE how everything turned out. (If you check out the link you will actually see my DesignBox renderings! So if you are curious to know what my master bedroom is going to look like, click here.)  

 First of all I will start of by saying this little area is incredibly difficult to photograph. It's so small and the doorways get in they way so I wasn't sure on the best angle. So I took a few...

Isn't is beautiful? I love it! And here you get a little sneaky peaky into the bedroom. 

The overall end result is rather simple - it's the perfect mix of modern and rustic and flows seamlessly into the master bedroom. I love the stripes because they add a little pizzaz which this room really needed. 

The stripes were incredibly easy to do - much easier than messing with wallpaper! The darker stripe is actually the exact same paint color we already had (Behr Silver Setting + 25%) but in high gloss. I love the dimension it gives to this tiny little area. The multiple shades of blue and the mixing of different metals and wood finishes give our new space such a unique feel. 

Before & After's:




I am so excited to have a 'completed' room. I love how everything came together and would recommend this service to anyone who is looking for some decorating help. 

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