Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

1. Sweet Ryan
Picture by Chelle Cates

The other day as we were driving around we passed a ginormous house - to which Ryan said "When I grow-up, I am going to live in a BIG house like that". We talked a little bit about it and then I asked if I could come stay with him. He thought about it for a second and then said "Mommy, when I grow-up and have a big house you can come over ANY time you want. You don't even need an invitation - just come WHENEVER you want."

Sweet boy.

Now that I have this conversation documented I am going to hold him to it :) Lol.

2. Playgroup

Last weekend we met up at a park for playgroup. They ran around and had a great time burning energy and they were excited about the snacks that Megan brought for them. I love that they all sat up here on the ledge to eat them - perfect picture opportunity! Hayden was so pleased with herself - she loves being part of the gang!

3. Diaper Rash & Flu Shots

Last Thursday I had to take Hayden into the pediatricians office because she had another crazy diaper rash. The pediatrician is always my last resort - I hate dragging them to the office and typically there is never anything they can's always "just let it run it's course". Anyhow, I was desperate. Poor little girl gets them so bad and this one was bleeding. I was hoping they would have some magic cure all for me. Diaper changing is already such a challenge with her so it really doesn't help when I know she is in pain. Anyhow, this time they told me to try ilex along with diaper rash cream. Sadly we are almost a week later and she is still rocking a rash. Ugh. I typically let her run around the house without a diaper for a while, which is really like playing a game of Russian roulette. Sometimes I win and sometimes I don't. It makes it twice as bad if she steps in her accident and then slips.  Anyhow, I am now trying Triple Paste AF so we will see how that goes. I think I am going to switch back to Honest Company diapers as well. Poor girl.
Oh and since I had all three kids with me I figured it was a good time to knock out the whole flu vaccine thing. I asked for the mist but that was out of stock - so it was the shot. For all of us. Ryan was not thrilled about this turn of events. In fact, he started crying as soon as he learned he was getting a shot. Grayson, on the other hand, tends to just get really quiet when he is scared, which is nice since Ryan is screaming. And of course Hayden had no idea what was about to happen. I went first to show them how easy and painless it is. But Wowzers. It kinda hurt. Oops. The kids were next. After I was able to pull Ryan out from under the table, I pinned him down and she quickly got him. The good news for him was that it was over before he realized it had even happened. He really gets worked up. Imagine that. Grayson was next and then little H. None were pleased with me. Luckily I was able to calm them all down before we exited the room and the idea of picking out a sticker at the checkout was enough to cheer them up. Thanks goodness! #lifewiththree

4.  Peter Pan Threesixty

A few months ago I saw that Peter Pan was coming to town and I knew I wanted to take the boys. I had no idea that it would be preformed in this awesome state-of-the-art traveling theatre-tent! Heck, I didn't even really know what that meant but after doing a little research I can't wait- I might be more excited than the boys!

So this 360Tent is currently downtown Dallas and the show starts today!

In preparation for the play I ordered the Disney version off Amazon (I am not sure how it was available since I think it is back in the vault...but it was on One Day Prime so it must have escaped) Anyhow, looks like Saturday night might be a popcorn and movie night for us! 

5.  Holiday Cards
I love holiday cards. I love that almost everyday starting in December (and sometimes even late November - those go-getters) I usually have a fun holiday greeting waiting for me in my mailbox! It's so much fun to open up all the cards and see everyone's beautiful families! We just got our family pictures back so I am just starting to sit down and check out all the designs that are out there this year. In the meantime, let's take a little stroll down memory lane...




I know we sent one this year but I guess I don't have the digital copy...and I am not about to go digging for it now...

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