Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

1. Thanksgiving project fun
I loved this little turkey that Ryan made at school. He was so proud of it!  And Ms. Kim is so sweet to give us extra supplies so that Grayson could make his own at home...

I also loved this cookbook that his class put together. 

In his defense, I have never actually made a turkey so I'll let this slide ;) And apparently everyone in his class cooks their turkey in the microwave. 

And this little turkey helped make these cookies! So proud of his work!

2. Thanksgiving Eve

Every year (if we are in town for Thanksgiving) we head over to the Hales house the morning before Thanksgiving to help make centerpieces for the table. We use store bought flowers but also add any "fall" pieces that the kids have found on nature walks...sticks, leaves, pine cones, ect...
I am not so great at flower arrangements so I hung with the kiddos most of the time. Seems right since I probably brought the majority of them :)

Hayden playing a little football

Pretty impressive! These ladies could totally sell these!

Before we headed out we managed to get a group pic of all the kids. You really should have seen all of the moms while trying to snap this picture. There was singing and dancing...oh my!

3. Little Reindeer & Birthdays

The weather in Dallas was h o r r i b l e for the rest of the long weekend. Cold and rainy. blah.
We ended up heading to the mall Saturday morning to burn some energy. 
 Lucky for us they had a Christmas show for the kiddos in one of the main areas. I was able to sneak away and get a little bit of shopping done. 

This girl was wild. She wasn't interested in sitting still...

And we also celebrated a couple of friends birthdays over the weekend. Friday night we went bowling with a high school friend of Kevin's. On Saturday we went out for Megan's birthday. Great time with great friends!

4. Elf Kit
I bought an Elf Kit from a local lady via facebook and although part of me knows this is totally something I could do myself, I really really love have it all done for me. And I don't regret purchasing it. Every year I always start off strong with our elf, but after a few days in and I am already over it. ha! The kids are totally in to Buddy so this is totally worth it. Maybe next year I will get this organized myself....

5. Captain Buddy & North Pole Breakfast
Captain Buddy (formerly just 'Buddy') arrived yesterday.  (Ryan decided he needed a little more to his name, thus Captain was added.) 
 The boys LOVED this. They also were so excited when I read the note that said "Have you checked the mailbox?". It was like a movie...they ran to the front door and when I pulled a letter out they ran it back inside to Kevin screaming that Captain Buddy had sent mail. It was adorable. 
 We had a "North Pole" breakfast to celebrate Captain Buddy's arrival - christmas tree waffles! And mini reindeer and snowman donuts.

And day #2:

The boys loved that Captain Buddy was camping out! And mama loved how easy this was to set up! 

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