Monday, November 23, 2015

Wurstfest 2015

A couple weeks ago Kevin and I were able to get away for a long weekend and see the Grapevine/Colleyville crew. (This is a great group of friends from Kevin's junior high/high school days + their awesome significant others.) We typically spend July 4th and NYE with this crew but with our ever-expanding families this has become more difficult. Luckily we were able to plan this quick little getaway. Kevin and I drove down to New Braunfels and meet up the group at The Gristmill. After a delicious lunch we walked back over to the Gruene Mansion Inn, checked in and got ready for the festival. 

Wurstfest - the 10-day salute to sausage. Seriously. 

And our first stop was Unicorn hats. What do Unicorns have to do with Wurstfest? Absolutely nothing. Apparently the girls saw these last year and wanted to get them but they had sold out - so this was the year. Natalie went to school in New Braunfels and her high school mascot was and still is a Unicorn. No joke. Perhaps these hats are a nod to her high school. 

Anyhow, we enjoyed them. And while our husbands were initially slightly embarrassed, they actually ended up finding them quite useful in the large crowds. Just follow the pack of Uni's....

And we got Kevin a German Hat - pretty official now!

Natalie & Scott with her Dad - a RED vest. Very Important Person.

All the ladies unicorns with Mr. Meetz

The guys with Alex Meixner - a talented musician with an exorbitant amount of energy. It's seriously tough not to get excited when he is on stage...even when it's polka music! Lol!

Laura decided to go for a chicken instead...

And of course the boys ended up in them.

A Ruben sandwich on the way out...

The next day we illegally dropped the boys off at Wurstfest and headed to get mani/pedis. 

Then of course lunch. 

Then we met up with the boys at a sports bar to watch some football. That evening we had tickets to see Reckless Kelly at Gruene Hall. They did end up coming on until 10:30 or so...but I don't really know because I decided to skip out and head back to get a good night sleep. Wow. How old am I? Lol. Oh well, we had a great weekend catching up with everyone and actually got to REST! 

Before heading back to Dallas on Sunday we had a yummy breakfast at our B&B. 

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  1. This place is so special! Speaking of special, this is how our evening went. I met my buddies in the downstairs part of event space NYC, which is more than just an average kind of bar with a lot of woodwork.


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