Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

1. Lunch with Daddy

After school on Friday we headed to Uptown for lunch with daddy. Kevin met us downstairs and headed across the street to grab a quick bite at Whole Foods.
Once we finished up eating we headed up to daddy's office and the boys could hardly contain themselves. 

Ryan popped right into Kevin's seat and started working away. 

Hayden manhandled one of his presentations that was laying on his desk. She added some slobber and possibly peanut butter to the slides. Good stuff.  

She did a lot of giggling, happy grunting and rolling around on the ground. 

Grayson was wondering where daddy kept all the craft supplies. He settled for a yellow highlighter and stapler. 
Always entertaining at daddy's office!

2. Lori Dodson Designs
 A couple years ago I took my boys to Purple Glaze in Preston Center to make cute little Christmas gifts for mine and Kevin's parents. We also made a couple of items for ourselves. Anyhow, the whole process was difficult because you have to do all of the art yourself. That is fine...but with two small kids in tow, it's impossible. Fast forward to this year, I knew I needed to get an updated version with Hayden, so when someone on Facebook was hosting a Plate party I knew I needed to get some more information!

A little research later, I found Lori Dodson Designs. She has a ton of examples of her work and it's all adorable! Not only does she do Christmas/Holiday stuff but she has stuff for ALL holidays...and whatever you could think of in between.  It is exactly what I was looking for so I set up an appointment and headed up to her home office with the kiddos.

Isn't this adorable for grandparents?

We did this Santa face plate and I can't wait to see how it turns out. 

Her office is a bit of a hike for us - it's in Frisco, but I knew I had to have that Santa plate :)  I love that she does "plate parties" where she brings all of her stuff to you. It would be so fun to do this during playgroup or something...they make such cute gifts!

3. Peter Pan
On Sunday I took the boys to Peter Pan 360 and despite the hour delay due from technical difficulties it was AMAZING! I definitely recommend! Both of my boys were completely mesmerized - it was seriously great for all ages. Hook was spot-on and TinkerBells tantrums could give Hayden a run for her money. The flying was magical and the boys loved how the actors hopped in and out of stage through holes.  

4. The Gingerbread Man

During the parent teacher conferences Ms. Laurie assigned us (the parents) some homework. She gave us a little gingerbread man to take pictures of around our house.  We needed to write a short little note about what he had been up to during his stay. So of course I completely forgot to do this and am now am scrambling to get pictures of this little gingerbread man around our house while Grayson is lurking around. He tends to not let me out of his sight! Anyhow, here is what I came up with:

So next week, when they are on letter G, they will cook gingerbread men cookies and read the Gingerbread Man story. When they go to take the cookies out of the oven, the big Gingerbread man will be gone. They will talk about where he could have gone - then she will bring out the book, which is all of our pictures/stories compiled. They will read though it and all the kids will be excited and surprised to see that the Gingerbread man has been at each of their houses! I know Grayson will just love this and I can't wait to hear him tell me all about it!

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