Monday, December 1, 2014

The Tooth Fairy

So it finally happened...Ryan's tooth came out. Remember last year when we were in Montana and we had a little fall....well that poor little tooth has held out until now.
WHERE: at Playgroup (Perry & Kelby's house)
HOW: The kiddos were playing in a bedroom...with the lights out. They were all happy and entertained so who were we to stop them. Apparently some toys did a little flying and one flew right into Ryan's face. Poor little man was not quite sure what was going on, all he knew was that there was blood. Initially he wasn't thrilled with his tooth coming out - he wanted me to put it back in. However, byt the time we got home he was pretty proud and so excited to show his dad.

Ryan was excited for the tooth fairy to pay him a visit - he said he was going to try and catch her when she came. So cute.

He was a happy little man with his tooth fairy receipt and $1. 

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