Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve 2014

Kevin and I were so happy to host my family for Christmas this year. 

We had a big crew - My grandparents were able to join us from Florida

My brother, Nick and his girlfriend, Vanessa also flew in from Florida

My younger brother, Steven, and his fiancé, Claire, drove in with their pups, Macy & Sophie from San Antonio.

And of course my parents!

We were also able to have Kevin's parents join us (although I didn't get a picture of just the two of them). 

I love the holidays and love having a bunch of family around to celebrate! 

On Christmas Eve my dad and I took over the kitchen and made our traditional 'homemade' pizza! It was delicious!

This little man was a fan!

After our yummy pizza we decorated some cookies for Santa.
There were A LOT of sprinkles...and Grayson added a few sneezes to the cookies in front of him. Oh he is just SO juicy. 

viola! Apparently Santa needs a lot of cookies 

Some coffee and some Hayden

She loves standing these days...and she has quite a grip!

Ryan was so adorable - I loved seeing how excited he was for Santa.  
And don't forget the milk!

Once the boys headed to bed Santa quickly went to work. Luckily there wasn't and building that kept us up super late...although the super roller coaster that my parents got the boys took a bit more assembly than we had originally thought. Good thing my parents hadn't left for their hotel yet!

Santa came!

And he did good work on the cookies :)

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