Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Family Pictures

We had family pictures done in October and I am loving how they turned out....I am sharing some of the ones that we didn't use in our Christmas card. Enjoy :)

Ryan was in an amazingly good mood...which was awesome!

Grayson was a little crabby...but Chelle was able to get some smiles :)

Check out these handsome boys!

Such sweet boys.

His hair is a little cray cray in this pic. He totally needed a haircut but I forgot and then didn't want to get their haircut right before so we just rolled with it...

I was kinda bummed that I forgot a bow for this little lady but oh well..there is plenty of time for bows. 

And our sweet little family! I am always amazed at how Chelle Cates can capture such calmness in the midst of total chaos. 

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