Friday, December 19, 2014

Holiday Festivities pt 1

December has been a busy and fun month!  We kicked it off with our annual North Pole breakfast where Buddy the elf arrived. I am thinking Buddy might not come until mid-December next year...he sure is a lot of work!

The boys were excited for their yummy sugary breakfast...although neither of them really care for pancakes. Buddy is going to need to come up with another breakfast next year...

Ryan and Grayson loved waking up and searching for Buddy each morning - it was adorable. Buddy was a bit of a slacker and he didn't do anything too exciting this year...but they really didn't care. Like I said, they just loved looking for him in his new spot each morning.

And of course there were fun holiday outfits.  

Ryan and Grayson also had a Christmas performance 
It was pretty darn adorable

Grayson's class was cute too...but not quite as involved. 

Afterwards we sang some Christmas songs.

Our friends hosted an ornament exchange for our playgroup christmas party. Ryan helped me make some rice crispy treat trees (stolen idea from my friend Shannon)

And I made these cute little santa shirts for the boys to wear! 

Decorating cookies at the playgroup party

Kelby, Ryan & Sydney....and Grayson

 The whole gang. Everyone has a sibling...and most of us now (or are about to) have three! 

And for the ornament exchange. 

We also had dinner before heading!

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