Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2015

Christmas morning was magical for these kiddos! I think my favorite part was waking them up and watching their excitement build as they headed downstairs. The boys were so sweet - when they came down and saw what Santa left they were in awe...then Ryan grabbed Grayson's hand and lead him over to the Jeep. So adorable!

The boys opened up their stockings first

Then Ryan and Grayson helped deliver gifts to everyone

They were excited to dig in! It took a while to open everything as the boys wanted to play with each item after it was unwrapped!

Hayden's first Christmas! Hanging with her Pro Yiayia playing with the piano they got her. 

Grayson was loving having Aunt Claire in town

The boys love their new roller coaster from Yiayia and Papu! We had such a wonderful day hanging around the house and playing with all of our new toys!

Yiayia and Hayden

Quick wardrobe change...

Getting ready for Christmas dinner!

Pro papu's first selfie!

Our Christmas Dinner Menu:
Prime Rib Roast
Pear Salad (Mary)
Twice baked mashed potatoes (my favorite - made by Mary)
Christmas Cookies (minus the Grayson sneezes from the night before)
Apple Pie (made by Mary)

So Yum! 

It was my first roast...and I must say it was quite delicious! 

I also didn't take a picture of my dining room with the beautiful Christmas centerpiece that my Yaya and Papu got for us. So pretty! 

This little man was ready to eat. 

Hanging with my sweet little girl!

Another wonderful Christmas with family!

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