Monday, December 15, 2014

Four Months - Hayden

Another month of our sweet baby girl and we could not be more in love with her!

We took her to her four month well visit last Wednesday and she weighed 11lbs 11oz (15%) and 24.25in (50%). Tall and skinny. She is actually the exact same size (minus one oz) that Ryan was at four months - these two are seriously like twins!

This little lady is such a delight. Her sweet little blue eyes light up when she makes eye contact and I just want to eat her up. She has been rolling from her stomach to her back and just started rolling from her back to stomach. She sometimes gets her arms stuck which makes her a little upset but overall she totally loves laying on the ground and watching the chaos that surrounds her.

Not much has changed on the sleeping front. I feed her last around 7pm and then Kevin gives her a bottle sometime between 10 and 11. Little lady will still only take about 4oz max...we have tried to give more but she just quits. oh well. On a good night she sleeps until about 4am and then back down until 6:30. She is still taking a couple morning mini naps, a long afternoon nap and a mini evening nap. Sooooo...that's a lot of napping. I think it is going to be so much more difficult to get her on a schedule because we just don't have the flexibility...but I am sure she will adjust as needed!

Happy four months baby Hayden - you are a doll and we are so in love with you!

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